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Our Story

We are foodies. Brain Drain was born out of our love for Indian food, and nurtured by a gluttonous passion, audible hunger pangs and calamitous cravings. So take a break from the binary and indulge in gastronomic finery. Hang, chill, load up on some calories and get creative on our 'Venting Wall'.    


Eat well,  


stay healthy.

All vegetarian orders are cooked separately and are 100% veg.


Indian cuisine reflects an 8,000-year history, with a diversity of flavours and regional cuisines. Our goal is to explore and re-discover at least a hundred new recipes every year, and for that we will continuously travel through India. You will find a different 'Specials' menu every week, brunch on weekends and small plates in the afternoon. Spice by spice, herb by herb, region by region, we'll serve India on a plate.

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